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London 2012 - Day 5

I loved the opening ceremony. Not particularly for choreographies but it was also funny with great music of course. And JK Rowling was there. And there were corgis too. Nothing can be really bad when you have corgis in your show. As usual the commentators weren't brilliant but we heard worse.


Anyway, the competition. I can't follow everything even if Francetv.fr has a live streaming (without stupid commentators, what a relief!).

Concerning the french delegation, so far so good. Some disappointments unfortunately: for exemple we used to be good at fencing some years ago and ... nothing.

But the swimming team is great and promising for the next years. 6 medals! My favorite is Yannick Agnel.


I like him more than the other male swimmers even the too perfectly handsome Camille Lacourt:

Agnel is a great swimmer, he's clever and morever he looks like Matt Smith (it can explain his times!). The girls are pretty good too, Camille Muffat was impressive and in four years Charlotte Bonnet can be great too.

Our judoka manage well (well done, Lucie Décosse!) and canoeist Tony Estanguet won his third olympic gold medal.

But enough with french athletes.

I like following gymnastics, that's just incredible. I've seen Men All-around this afternoon and wow! It was awful to see athletes who were on the podium before their last apparatus to fall when they were so near from a medal.

And now Michael Phelps is an olympic legend!

I wasn't able to see so much diving as I hoped.

I can't wait for athletics to see Usain Bolt and all the others do their best.