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Food in movies

Yesterday evening I watched Le Souper directed by Edouard Molinaro (aka The Supper or Supping with the Devil). The story takes place in 1815 after the battle of Waterloo. Joseph Fouché, Minister of Police under Napoleon and Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (Minister of Foreign Affairs) discuss the change of regime to come to save France (but in fact especially to save their own skin).

It was very interesting. It's a confrontation between two formidable but completely cynical men, very different in origins or character but who knew both how adapt themselves to thirty years of bloody political instability. The actors are great (particularly Claude Rich. Claude Brasseur's Fouché was sometimes too irascible but two very cold characters would have been redundant.)

Problem: the movie isn't called The Supper for nothing. And Talleyrand is the host. So the dishes were very, very distracting. I tried to listen what they said about Wellington, Louis XVIII or Napoleon and then foie gras with truffles! and wow, Talleyrand was really a bastard but thanks for give us your recipe to prepare asparagus like peas (I'm not kidding, you can even learn how to prepare it there)!

Did that already happen to you? And if it's yes, what movies make you hungry?