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With Les Misérables winning three Acadamy Awards two days ago, one shouldn't forget the author of the original novel: it's Victor Hugo' birthday today (26 February 1802 - 22 May 1885).

And it's also the birthday of another famous frenchman of the period, the caricaturist Honoré Daumier (Marseille 26 February 1808 - Valmondois 10 February 1879). He was also a sculptor, a printmaker and a painter but he remained famous for his (political) caricatures.

One of his most famous caricatures is "Les poires" ("The Pears"), published in 1831 in La Caricature. It was redrawn by Daumier for publication after Charles Philipon´s original sketch "La Métamorphose du roi Louis-Philippe en poire" ("The Metamorphosis of King Louis-Philippe into a Pear") it shows the deterioration of Louis-Philippe's popularity:


And here is a caricature of Victor Hugo by Daumier: