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Doctor Who Experience

I was in London last week. It was the first time  when I visited this city and I would return to it gladly! During my stay I went to Doctor Who Experience and that was brillant.

There is two parts: the "experience" (you can't take pictures): an interactive tour in various sets (Starship UK, the new TARDIS, a dalek ship, etc. It was impressive and funny. After that there is an exhibition with a lot of costumes. You can take pictures.

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Views of Marseille (4)

This time it is probably the last batch of photos of Marseille. So I chose to talk about Notre-Dame de la Garde, perhaps the most famous monument of the city.  It is also called "la Bonne Mère" (the Good Mother). It's a basilica built in the 19th century in the neo-byzantine style on the foundations on a fort from the Renaissance.

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Views of Marseille (3)

Today I 'm going to show photos of several places, in particular a district called Le Panier (The Basket). It's an old and popular quarter and you can see it in the movie Love Actually when Colin Firth fetches the woman he loves.

Colin Firth wuz hereCollapse )

Views of Marseille (2)

This time it's not exactly Marseille but If, the smallest island of the Frioul Archipelago about a mile offshore of the town. The island is famous because the main character of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas was imprisoned here. The fortress was built between 1524 and 1531 during the reign of Francis I. It became a prison later.

The Château d'IfCollapse )

Views of Marseille (1)

I'm going to London at the end of the month (can't wait!) so I bought a camera. To test it I will take pictures of the town where I live. I hope you will  find that there are interesting places!

Today, the Palais LongchampCollapse )
So I've seen it. And I loved it. OK,  I'm always rather satisfied just after the first vision of a Potter movie, so maybe six month later I will be less indulgent but it was a great moment.

The movie isn't perfect. We can feel in the beginning that in fact it's just a half-movie as the first part. But after the action rarely stops but it's never too much. Some changes are interesting, some others aren't (McGonagall, ordering to lock the Slytherins into the dungeons? Children, even some of them are pro-Voldemort? On a future battlefield? No way!) and there is some plot holes. Wormtail apparently fell in one of them.

It would be too long to list all the great things. It's spectacular, readable (no comparison with the pursuit in the forest at the end of HP7 part 1). The dragon is magnificent. Sick and superb at the same time. The actors are perfect or almost perfect (well, if you didn't like Fiennes' Voldemort before, I don't think it will change suddenly but there is no dissonance in the young actors acting and Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith... All of them have "their" scene).

But the best thing, the most moving thing was Hogwarts. The school is a real character in this movie. In the other movies directed by Yates the castle was austere. No ghosts, not many talking portraits, it wasn't the magic castle of the beginning and it was justified by the story. When we rediscover it at the beginning of the movie, it 's downright sinister, a prison. So when the Order takes back the control it's a real happiness to see Hogwarts live again, getting ready to the battle. Then to see the sets that we know for ten years be destroyed was epic and heart-rending at the same time.

So now it's finished and it finished on a good note. The movies had many defaults, the books are way better but at the same time to see  the actors grow up, to come back to this universe almost every year,that was something.
I don't know the exact title but it's from the book Sauve qui peut by Sempé.


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Game of Thrones. 1x10. Fire and Blood.

After Joffrey's  major decision last week, all the characters have to assume the consequences.

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Game of Thrones 1x08. The Pointy End

I know I say the same thing week after week but anyway: once more it was a great episode, written by G.R.R Martin himself.

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